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Jean Fromm, D.V.M in Grand Junction, Colorado

Dr. Jean Fromm is a veterinarian with a pet clinic in Grand Junction, Colorado. When you’re in need of a veterinarian in Grand Junction, bring your dog or cat to Dr. Fromm. Our clinic has served the community for over 15 years by using the latest research and technology available for our patients. Our team skillfully works together with a passion for animal health and wellness. We offer a broad range of veterinarian services as well as prescription diets and pet pharmaceuticals.



General Veterinarian Care

Like people, pets need to see a doctor for regularly scheduled healthcare. Since our pets can’t give us verbal cues about potential health issues, it’s important to check in regularly with a veterinarian who is trained to detect signs of animal ailments. When you schedule your pets for regular wellness visits at our animal hospital we will run routine tests to uncover possible health or behavioral issues.

We provide laboratory services that can detect a myriad of potential problems. Our lab services include heartworm testing, FELV/FIV testing, urinalysis, fecal testing, blood testing, and more. Pet dental services are also offered at our animal hospital, as we believe a healthy mouth is a gateway to better internal pet health. We’ll help you maintain a schedule of vaccines that are recommended for dogs and cats to keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Emergency and Surgical Care

Our technologically advanced animal hospital is equipped and prepared to assist you at times when your pet has a condition that requires immediate medical assistance. We are acutely aware of the myriad of accidents that can happen with our pets. We are prepared to help you if your pet has eaten something potentially toxic or in more dire situations such as an accident involving a car. We love our patients and we are prepared to help them in emergency situations.


We are able to offer our patients a wide variety of dog and cat foods. If your dog or cat develops a medical condition that requires a prescription, it’s best not to change their primary source of food. Many of the foods that we offer pair well with medical prescriptions. Some of the pet foods that we offer are made specifically for particular medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, digestive issues, and skin conditions. We offer Blue Buffalo, Hill’s Healthy Advantage, Hill’s Prescription Diet, Hill’s Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan and more. Browse our website to discover the nutritional products we have available for our patients.

Online Services

We strive to make our patient services as easy and efficient as possible. Several of our patient services are available online. Visit our homepage for our electronic scheduling to make an appointment. If you’re new to our hospital, download our New Patient Registration Form to complete before you arrive at our office for your first visit. Our Surgical Information Packet is also available for download on our site.

Your Local Veterinarian in Grand Junction

At Dr. Jean Fromm, D.V.M we commit to excellence in pet medical care. For everything from a simple check-up to medical treatment for a serious condition, we strive to provide quality care for every patient that comes through our doors. Call us today at (970) 434-0811 or visit us at 3070 I-70 Business Loop, Ste B-3, Grand Junction, CO. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you and your pets.

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